May board meeting will be held May 18th at 6:00 p.m.

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School Board Minutes Monthly Financial Report
Monthly Expenditures
Annual Statistical Report/School Funding Web Link
Annual Financial Report and Budget
Legislative Audit
2008-09 Summary 2009-10 Budget
2008-09 Legal Balance 2009-10 Budget
2008-09 Operating Expenditures 2009-10 Budget
2008-09 Financial 2009-10 Budget





2009-10 Certified Salary Schedule Ending Certified Salary Schedule
2009-10 Classified Salary Schedule Certified Salary Schedule 2008

2009-10 Adjusted Beginning Certified Salary Schedule

Classified Salary Schedule 2008

2009-10 Beginning Classified Salary Schedule

2008-09 Beginning Classified Salary Schedule


2008-09 Beginning Technology Salary Schedule



2007-08 Certified Supplemental Salary Schedule

2006-07 Supplementary Salary Schedule & Incentives 

2007-08 Sponsor Pay-ADE

2006-07 Beginning Sponsor Pay

2007-08-Salary Schedule

2006-2007 Beginning Certified Salary Schedule

 2007-08 Certified Contract_Info.xls2007_08 Classified Salary Schedule

2006-07 Certified Salary Information 06-07

2007-08 Classified Staff

2006-07 Classified Salary Info

2006-07 Classified Schedule



2009 Annual Report to the Public

District ACSIP

District's Report to Public

High School ACSIP

High School Report to Public

Elementary ACSIP

Elementary Report to Public


Parent Outreach

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) 

2010-11 Parental Involvement Policy Stimulus
Parental Involvement Compact Hampton_title I_web document
Title I Parent Right to Know - Elementary Letter School Bus Contract
Title I Parent Right to Know - High School Letter


School Choice & Supplemental Educational Services

School Improvement Status

Hampton Parent Application for SES 10-11
Hampton Parent Notification of Supplemental Services 10-11
Hampton School Choice Parent Letter- High School
Hampton School Choice Parent Letter- Elementary School