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These include magazines that can be checked out, such as Parenting, Family Fun, Parents, and Working Mother.  These magazines have many good articles on child care.

Parents can check out parenting books from the Parenting Section in the Elementary and High School Media Centers.  These books include:

Elementary Media Center
        How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber.
        Between Parent and Child:  The Bestselling Classic That Revolutionized Parent-Child
                Communication by Dr. Haim G. Ginott.  
        100 Best Books for Children by Anita Silvey.
        Feeling Safe:  Talking to Children About War and Terrorism  (Child Magazine Guides).
        101 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special by Vicki Lansky.
        101 Ways to Tell Your Child I Love You by Vicki Lansky.
        Before Its Too Late:  Why Some Kids Get Into Trouble and What Parents Can Do About It
                by Stanton Samenow.
        Common Sense Parenting:  A Proven Step-by-Step Guide for Raising Responsible Kids and
                Creating Happy Families by Raymond V. Burke.
        101 Things Every Kid Should Do Growing Up by Alecia T. Devantier.

    High School Media Center
        How to Say it to Teens by Richard Heyman
        Parenting Your Out-of-Control Teenager : 7 Steps to Reestablish Authority and Reclaim Love
                by Scott Sells
        Teen-Proofing  by John Rosemond
        Odd Girl Out the Hidden Culture of Aggression  by Rachel Simmons
        You Have to Say Im Pretty, Youre My Mother  by Stephanie Pierson
        Teenagers Learn What They Live  by Dorothy Nolte
        Positive Disciple by Jane Nelsen
        Choices & Consequences by Dick Schaefer
        Cliques: 8 Steps to Help Your child Survive the Social Jungle by Charlene Giannetti
        The Complete and Authoritative Guide Caring For Your Teenager  by Donald Greydanus
        A Fine Young Man by Michael Gurian

Parenting Websites


        Arkansas Literacy Family Partnership

        Parents:  the anti-drug

        Kidsource (Education and Healthcare Information)

        Center for Effective Parenting

        Family Education Network

Fun Web Sites for the Family


        PBS Kids (games, puzzles, stories, fun!)

        Crayola Crayons

        Yuckiest Site on the Internet

        The Froggy Page

        Figure This! (math challenges for families)

        Fun Brain (math games, reading, more!)

        Starfall (reading comprehension and phonics)

        World Village Kidz

        Family Fun

        Weekly Reader Online